have you ever needed a secret storage? Well then this is for you!

Step 1: Get Your Bottle

I'm sorry, i don't have pictures for this one. Sorry.

First you will need to get your glue bottle!

Step 2: Clean It Out!

I actually don't know what will clean it out the best... But it will still work.

Just use whatever you can to clean it out.

Step 3: Put Your Secret Things In!

you now have your super secret glue bottle storage. If a robber comes into your house, they will never even think of looking in a... A... A... Glue bottle! You can put money, secret notes, whatever you want!

Cut the bottom out.
After making this I found one flaw. Getting items out I ended up cutting out the bottom to get my junk out but I have an improved idea on this but i don't want to steal your idea without permission so do you mind if I made an improved instructable of this?

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Bio: Kid that likes video games, Planes, and fingerboarding.
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