Super Simple, Super Accurate, Super Powerful Hand Weapon.





Introduction: Super Simple, Super Accurate, Super Powerful Hand Weapon.

About: Well, um, ya, about, just look at the website! It so cool!

Very simple instructions to follow and is very easy. It is super powerful also. This is my first instructable so dont be harsh.

Step 1: Make the Barrel, Type Thing

Ok, so this isnt very hard, it is just alot of pics to show u what to build

Pic 1:Build 17 of these

Pic 2: Make two of these

Pic 3: Make one of this

Pic 4: Make one of this

Step 2: Make the Aimer Things

Pic 1: Make one of this

Pic 2: Make one of this

Step 3: Put It All Together

Okay this step is still simple, just alot of pics.

Pic 1: Thread the 17 red and white connectors onto the red rods with blue connectors on the ends.

Pic 2: Add the yellow thing to the other ends of the red rods as shown.

Pic 3: Attach this thing to the end with the blue connectors on it.

Pic 4: Attach the first aimer thing as shown in the pic

Pic 5: Put the second aimer thing through the yellow holes as shown. Now flip the weapon over and attach a blue connector to the ends of the second aimer thing. TAKE THE BLACK CONNECTORS OFF, NOTE IN PIC ABOUT IT.

Pic 6: Just showin where to put blue connectors.

Step 4: Prepping the Rubber Band

Pic 1: You must have two rubberbands of the same size and width.

Pic2: Now thread one rubberband through the other one as shown.

Pic 3. Next, lift the left side of the top rubberband and thread it through the right side.

Pic 4: Now pull tight on the origional left side and the new right side and you should end up with a knot looking like this.

Step 5: Attaching the Rubberband

Pic 1: This is a top view of how to put the rubberband on. When you put it on, make sure you start with the top and make sure it is a SIDEWAYS figure 8.

Pic 2: This is a bottom view.

Step 6: Loading and Firing

Pic 1: Ammo

Pic 2:Gun loaded at the back. To load, put the orange connector side through the two aimers first, then pull it back until it thouches the knot in the rubber band, then pull it back until it is hanging off the end of the gun and let go and watch it fly.



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    Not anymore! Lego has conquered knex with more types of gears.

    6 replies

    kinda like legos but with more awesome

    ya knex sticks together better

    yeah but i posted the comment u replied to last year

    i was just sayin some more stuff for people to look at later

    knex is still better than lego, cos its easier and more brightly coloured

    i used it as a butt 4 my gun :P

    i like your but it is not good . kinda lego with more gears

    i am frm india u see...................and i dont know what is this........

    what are these , how to make it?,these red things and the white 1

    noob haha !!!you used first comment!!!btw nice instructable.

    hmm... first comment is noobish, eh? well i've seen you talk before, i'm guessing you are between the age of 10 and 16... tell me if im wrong

    You're wrong, he is 16. You said in between the ages of 10 and 16. = P ; D

    lol! Mepain! are you back? gonna make new guns? :P A lot of new people have been joining, and "You" is one of the only people posting nice guns. We need you! ( not "You", you.) btw you got me there... i didn't realize i wrote between XD

    but when you say first comment it looks like to the instructable maker that you just came on here to claim`first comment` so im here to put a stop to it

    lol that is kind of what i do, but i also evaluate the gun.