Picture of Super-simple Pickled TurkeyLoaf
Three ingredients + three minutes of prep = surprisingly tasty.

Step 1: Sushi leftovers?

Picture of Sushi leftovers?
We'd recently made sushi, and had a collection of half-used wacky pickles hanging around. You've may have seen these before: they're in suspicious little packets, are frighteningly-colored, and contain a mystery assortment of pickles veggies. (See examples below.) They can be found in the refrigerated section of your local asian food store.

I've made this with several different kinds of these pickles, and they all work to varying degrees. This time I'm using some scary red stuff with daikon and some other mystery bits I've forgotten.
chrisbaker4 years ago
"I'm a big fan of lazy."
Love it!
not to sound perverted but wacky pickles??? lol, but anyway these food things are awsoeme keep em comeing
lol wacky pickles.
Neodudeman9 years ago