Super Simple RBG (True Trigger!)




Introduction: Super Simple RBG (True Trigger!)

This is my Rbg with a true trigger. It is very simple, but effective, Very accurate at 15 feet!

Step 1: Barrel

This is my simple barrel. Just follow the pic . also, make sure that the greys are EXACTLY as in the pick.

Step 2: Trigger

Just Build it the attach it as in pic 1 in intro



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    I... Don't... Remember...


    Too simple... It would be much easier just to carry a rubberband in my pocket then shoot it with my hands then to carry a small rbg then load it then fire it...

    If i were you i'd create / upgrade that thing by making a larger frame... you could use killerk's sniper frame and then use dsman's trigger system from his crossbow to create a rubberband gun... Its kinda hard to type and show you but its just an idea for you to explore =)

    As always have fun building knex guns and be safe - Mrbox

    yes i guess so. but this way is accurate and doesn't hurt your fingers

    That is true =)

    agreed, so this is not super useful, but if in a knex war, it's great for short distance head shots!

    Knex war? Oh boy, I don't think I've ever LOLed so hard in my life!

    weapon pearson you suck

    Yes you are again correct there.. but it'd be better to have a large gun creating a more "massive" effect then a little gun creating a small effect....