Picture of Super simple RBG (True Trigger!)
This is my Rbg with a true trigger. It is very simple, but effective, Very accurate at 15 feet!

Step 1: Barrel

Picture of Barrel
This is my simple barrel. Just follow the pic . also, make sure that the greys are EXACTLY as in the pick.
How do you shoot?
Bartboy (author)  ParaGunner13241 year ago

I... Don't... Remember...


mrbox7 years ago
Too simple... It would be much easier just to carry a rubberband in my pocket then shoot it with my hands then to carry a small rbg then load it then fire it...

If i were you i'd create / upgrade that thing by making a larger frame... you could use killerk's sniper frame and then use dsman's trigger system from his crossbow to create a rubberband gun... Its kinda hard to type and show you but its just an idea for you to explore =)

As always have fun building knex guns and be safe - Mrbox
Bartboy (author)  mrbox7 years ago
yes i guess so. but this way is accurate and doesn't hurt your fingers
mrbox Bartboy7 years ago
That is true =)
Bartboy (author)  mrbox7 years ago
agreed, so this is not super useful, but if in a knex war, it's great for short distance head shots!
Knex war? Oh boy, I don't think I've ever LOLed so hard in my life!
obama sucks lol
weapon pearson you suck
mrbox Bartboy7 years ago
Yes you are again correct there.. but it'd be better to have a large gun creating a more "massive" effect then a little gun creating a small effect....
Bartboy (author)  mrbox6 years ago
but when you play for points...
superdood6 years ago
is it possible for an rbg not be true trigger?
A crank would prob be the easiest type. although you could make a trigger that goes side ways like the block triggers that attach to a gear with a 90degree angled gear connected with that...... kinda confusing
I get what you mean, kinda....
Bartboy (author)  superdood6 years ago
is that a request? cause I could make one.
sure =)
smidge1477 years ago
we dont need this.
Bartboy (author)  smidge1477 years ago
we dont need you
no, he's right, we don't need this.
Bartboy (author)  dsman1952767 years ago
yeah, but its ok enough to keep it posted
what ever...