Super Simple and Cheap Soldering Helping Hand.





Introduction: Super Simple and Cheap Soldering Helping Hand.

About: Simple instructions from a simple man, and a poor one. Because not everyone has a 3D printer or laser cutter. And no! I do not want to watch you instructable on how to make a LED blink using an Arduino...

First of all, this is my first instructable and my Engilsh is not so good, so i will keep it cleen and simple.

This is a quick to build gadget that can save you lots of nerves, and the best part is there is a great chance you have all those things laying around your house. And its nearly free..

Step 1: What You Need

1 or 2 new/used/scavenged - CROCODILE CLAMPS (if you don`t have one laying around they cost 0.5$)
1 new/used - CERAMIC LIGHT BULB SOCKET (1$ new)
1 used - METAL CLOTHING HANGER (preferably one made of softer metal)

TOOLS - a pair of pliers and soldering iron.. screwdriver..

Step 2: Cutting and Shaping the Metal Clothing Hanger.

For best results use a hanger made from soft material, so you do not need to apply great force to bend it, this will come handy later when you need to adjust(bend) the clamping-hands with great precision.
Using your pliers cut one or several pieces of the hanger in desired length, and bend them for easier soldering in the next step.

Step 3: Soldering the Clamp

*If you use a more advanced soldering iron, adjust your soldering ion temperature to over 400`C for faster soldering. Insert the bar inside the crocodile clamp and tighten the flaps of the clamp with pliers.
Put a piece of soldering tin on the tip of your soldering iron for better heat transfer and preheat the clamps, after the bar starts to heat up, apply solder tin on the joint and heat it until the solder makes a good bonding.

Step 4: Assembly

Place the rod(s) inside the holes designed for wire connection inside the light bulb socket, and tighten the screws until the rods stay study and don`t turn until you turn them by hand....
The ceramic bulb socket`s weight keeps the whole thing balanced, but you can always add weight by filling it with putty/clay/tones or whatever...

Step 5: Enjoy You 5min Build..

The clamp-hands are rotating and can be bend for further adjustments, and they sure work very well...

Step 6:

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Great ideas, thanks for sharing. I think its great to make use of the items you did and hopefully will be doing this sometime this week. Im thinking of making 2 sets of these and gluing/attaching them to a small piece of scrap wood I may have to give it a little more stability. Will come in really handy. Thanks!

very neat, thanks mate

very good instructable for a first time. I will start right away;)

Nice instructable.

For mine, I used some spare 10 gauge wire I had laying around. Won't hold heavier items, but easy to move around.

Great job on your first instructable and a good use of common everyday components!

Nice and simple one. But as @magkopian said, you might need something heavy for base. Maybe hot glue a big nut in the ceramic light bulb base. Or maybe hot glue it to a larger piece of something (board, metal, plastic) so that it can grip and hold heavier stuff steadily.

This is why I love this site! Presentation of simple gadgets that gets the job done, by using stuff which we all have lying around. Great Instructable

Excellent!! Good Idea

Great job, the only issue I see with this is that it might flip over while you are working because the base is not very heavy. You can easily solve this by attaching a heavy piece of metal under the base.

Your English is fine.

Great Ideal, could make a larger one for other things, like holding items to be spray painted.

Thank for sharing.


I don't normally comment, but since this was your first. It was PERFECT and we look foward to more thanks.

We call those Alligator clips in the US, but very otherwise very understandable. I encourage you to keep sharing your ideas!

I like the ceramic light socket idea. I just drilled some holes in a piece of wood and use a clamp to hold it anywhere it's convenient.

also a recomdation putting heat srink on the clips

Nice and simple indeed. Great, clear photos and good text too!

This is a great first instructable; I hope you share many more! :)