This blowhard gun is probably the simplest knex gun out there. I shoots small green rods ( at least that's what I use) and has a range of about 30-40 feet.
Pieces needed:
28 Gray connectors
1 long Gray rod

Step 1: Construction

Take the gray rod and all the gray connectors and assemble them as shown. And you are done. All that is left is to shoot it.
<p>Instructions were not clear enough to follow. I got my foot stuck in a toaster... :|</p>
<p>Ha nice!</p>
<p>It's a bit too simple. &lt;_&gt;</p>
Haha. Yeah I tried to make it longer, or use different pieces, but this surprisingly got me the most power. If you find a way to make it more powerful, please tell
Have you already built a prototype for that design? If so what is its range?
<p>maybe try using angle joints and staggering the rods? You could then have one fairly airtight tube all the way along but make it a bit longer</p>

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