Super Simple Laptop Hack for Making Your CD/DVD Drive Easier to Open.





Introduction: Super Simple Laptop Hack for Making Your CD/DVD Drive Easier to Open.

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 OK, so this isn’t exactly a problem that has plague man since the dawn of time, but it is something that bothers me about laptop CD/DVD drives that is so simple to solve.

Here is the problem, to open the CD/DVD drive on most laptops you need to push a button on the right side of the computer that is flush mounted, under the edge of the laptop. So it’s hard to find in a hurry and normally means you are running your hand up and down the side of the laptop.

Even worst, if you close the door and your finger hits the button, the drive opens right back up. It’s a pain sometimes.

Well, now with less than 30 seconds and a marker, you can fix this problem. All you do is add an “index” mark on the side of the keyboard that is directly over the button of the drive.

Step 1: Step One

Find the button for your CD/DVD drive and with a permanent marker, place a quick dot over the button. 

Step 2: Step Two

(Told you it was quick and easy.) 



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    Thanks for this it is simple when you say it but will save me a lot of time, I might use a dymo for some other things like usb.

    Some how I screwed up and got my d*** stuck in a USB port... (great instructable)

    have you considered marketing this idea to hp ?

    Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest ones....

    2 steps to teach us how to draw a little mark on my laptop...?

    A lot of laptops usually have a keyboard key with the 'dvd/cd drive eject' function.

    1 reply

    In his case the laptop doesnt. he has an HP laptop, which dont have that feature...i would know cause i have a laptop made by HP. so far the only laptops that i personally have seen with the conveniance of an eject button on the keyboard is dell computers...mainly the Inspirons (would have no idea about their other models to include the Alienware wing)...BUT i know i am prolly just a little off, but like i said...i PERSONALLY havent seen any other computers than that cause i only stick with HP.

    amazing , kuş beyinli

    I used "White Out" to paint dots on my Epiphone's neck side so I could tell where key frets were. I had been using a much smaller acoustic so it was difficult to see where my fingers were while learning the neck.
    I like your idea. Finding that one little button is really difficult at times.

    Ha ha! I pwned you all beforehand! My Dell doesn't have a slider-cartridge-thing! It just has a slot a la Mac!

    But if I did have one, I'd probably do this ;-)

    It's a simple idea that may make it a bit less frustrating for some people. I don't know why laptop makers can't just add a Fn-keystroke combination like they have for many other things like volume and contrast.

    Not that it concerns me as my laptop has no optical drive. (no it's not a netbook) Most 13" laptops don't have them and I seldom use one anyway. I have an external one when I do.

    Hey everyone, there is a much easier way to eject your laptop DVD drive tray. (or tower CD/DVD drive tray.) Download a program called Wizmo and read what to put in the desktop shortcut to OPEN the DVD tray (also works to close the tray on desktops) Plus the program does many more things depend on the parameters that you put with it.

    3 replies

    Wizmo has some interesting features, but I think you'd just be as well off right-clicking on the CD/DVD drive icon and clicking Eject (which will open and close on a desktop). Seems comparable to a shortcut that you need to double-click.

    Hmmm "Eject" will certainly open the tray but not close it again on any version of Windows I've had including Win7. I always thought it a stupidly simple to fix shortcoming.