Introduction: Super Simple Vacuum Cleaner

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Hello everyone, I want to share this awesome project. I made a vacuum cleaner out of fan and old shoes box.

{Sorry for bad English}

Step 1: You Will Need

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You will need:

*Shoes box

*9v battery


*Plastic food container

*Small ruler

*Some ducktape

*Some hot glue

Step 2: Results

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Step 3: Attach Fan to a Box

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Fan must be spinning to the right side, because plastic dust container is in that side. Cut out the bottom of the box. Glue your fan, and connect it to switch and battery. Make an air holes for it.

Step 4: Cutting

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Step 5: Wires

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Step 6: Switch

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Step 7: Plastic Dust Tank

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You will need a plastic dust container made form plastic food container, and a ruler.

Step 8: Dust Container

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Step 9: Ruler

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Step 10: And You Are Done

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Let`s test it out. Works perfect! You can attach it to a exploring robot and you will have cheap robot cleaner.

*Note 12v battery works even better.


lean04 (author)2014-08-31

i like it, you have my vote.


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