Hace años que vengo quejándome de los fabricantes de sopapas, porque no las hacen de tamaño suficiente como para destapar inodoros con cierta comodidad. Las más grandes que he conseguido se meten fácilmente dentro del caño que hay que destapar, con lo cual quedan prácticamente neutralizadas. Así que decidí fabricarme mi propia sopapa gigante.


For years I've been complaining plungers manufacturers, because they don't make them large enough to unclog toilets with some comfort. The largest I've gotten creep easily into the pipe to be open, wherewith are virtually neutralized. So I decided fabricate my own giant plunger.

Step 1: Materiales Y Herramientas (materials and Tools)

Tomé prestada de mi mujer una ensaladera de acero inoxidable cuyo diámetro me pareció adecuado, para hacer de molde. También una tijera, unos rollitos de venda de gasa y un cartucho de sellador de silicona.

Antes de empezar a hacer enchastre con la silicona, busqué un bulón más o menos largo y algunas arandelas grandes, a efectos de hacer el mango.


I borrowed my wife a stainless steel bowl, which diameter seemed appropriate to make by mold. Also got scissors, some gauze bandage rolls and a silicone sealant cartridge.

Before start making mess with silicone, I looked for a more or less long bolt and some large washers, in order to make the handle.
Quizas no te sirviera para lo que pensaste, pero si que puede tener otros muchos usos. <br>-levantar cosas sin aristas accesibles (losas del suelo encajadas) <br>-a&ntilde;adir un mango a algo que sea dificil de transportar (una barca o piragua) <br>-mover objetos con bordes afilados (cristales o azulejos recien cortados) <br> <br>o simplemente para usarlo como desatascador en otro lugar. <br> <br>No conocia el termino &quot;sopapa&quot;, supongo que en espa&ntilde;ol neutro es desatascador :). Aunque a mi siempre me encant&oacute; la palabra &quot;chupacharcos&quot; es mas divertida
Gracias por las sugerencias, raiderk. De hecho no la he desechado, la tengo dando vueltas por ah&iacute;, solo espero que la silicona aguante y no sea que cuando la quiera usar est&eacute; resquebrajada. Tal vez me convenga meterla dentro de una bolsa de polietileno para aislarla un poco del aire.<br> <br> Otra posibilidad es agregarle una &quot;pollera&quot; que se adapte a la superficie del inodoro, pero eso tiene la contra de que cada inodoro tiene su propia forma, y es probable que me sirva solo para uno.<br> <br> El castellano es muy rico y variado, yo nunca us&eacute; la palabra desatascador, para m&iacute; siempre ese admin&iacute;culo se llam&oacute; sopapa. Y chupacharcos, es la primera vez que la veo. F&iacute;jate que <a href="http://www.rae.es/drae/" rel="nofollow">la RAE</a> todav&iacute;a no se ha enterado:<br> <br> <strong>La palabra sopapa no est&aacute; registrada en el Diccionario. Las que se muestran a continuaci&oacute;n tienen formas con una escritura cercana. socapa. </strong><br> <ul> <li> <strong>socapar. </strong> <li> <strong>solapa. </strong> <li> <strong>solapar. </strong> <li> <strong>sopaipa. </strong> <li> <strong>sopapear. </strong> <li> <strong>sopapo. </strong> <li> <strong>sopar.</strong> </ul>
rimar2000, where do you get your ideas from?! <br>Always makes clever solution to any limitation you face.. <br>Great ible.. as usual.. <br>Thank you for sharing..
Have you ever heard the saying that &quot;necessity is the mother of invention&quot; by Plato around 400 BC.
Touche.. <br>but still.. many people in necessity but couldn't invent anything.. <br>and some are not in necessity but love to invent, in this case:<br>&quot;Invention is the mother of necessity..&quot; <br><br>lol...
it been the right way round for 2500 years since Plato said it. the point being if you don't have a problem to solve there is no need to invent anything. Invention is born out of necessity.
yes..yes.. i think i got that the first time...<br>Yet some of us invent for the fun of it, and finding solutions for non-existing problems.. well, you might argue that there's a need to learn something by experimenting (like your stirling engine, perhaps) or the need to show off (like me for example)... <br>Anyway, i was just trying to be funny.. why so serious?
Then break it down like this if necessity = the problem and the invention = the solution the way Plato puts it the quote works ie the problem leads to the solution, the way you put don't, if the solution leads to the problem you are doing some thing wrong.<br> <br> I'm sure Plato discussed the quote at the forum, I'm just discussing it on a forum.<br> <br>
wow.. you're really into it, aren't u?<br><br>well i guess i'll quit piling up useless posts now..<br>i can get caught up sometimes, and have difficulties stopping.. :)
Dr Qui &amp; londobali, sometimes one want to reinvent the wheel, or the fire. I've been in that situation several times. I think that is inherent to the humaneness. <br> <br>Years ago an Instructables member asked to me: &quot;why to do this, if in the hardwares you can buy it?&quot; The only possible response was &quot;because I want to make it&quot;.
Thanks, londobali! <br> <br>The main cause is that I have ants in the ass...! Besides, I have not so money to buy all thing I need or want.
Osvaldo - <br> <br>&quot;I have ants in the ass...! &quot; Esto debe ser un proverbio Argentino? <br>Aprendemos mucho en Instructables! <br> <br>This must be an Argentine saying (proverb)? <br>We learn so much here on Instructables! <br> <br>Tu Amigo
S&iacute;, Bill, es un dicho de estas latitudes, tal vez sea espa&ntilde;ol, no s&eacute; bien el origen. Se aplica a quienes no podemos estar quietos un rato. <br><br>Yes, Bill, is a saying in these parts, it may be Spanish, I don't know the origin. It applies to those who can not sit still for a while.
The English equivalent would be &quot;ants in your pants&quot;
Thanks Dr Qui for the info. It sounds a bit less rude.
Nice idea as usual Osvaldo.<br> <br> Instead of detergent you could try covering the bowl in a layer of cling film as it should release with no problems.
Yes, it is as you say. I underestimated the problem.
This was such a joy to read, I really enjoyed your efforts even if you were not successful. I have never seen the plungers you have. I will find the one I like the most that we have here in the US, if you think it may work for you I will send it to you. A new one of course.
They are a bit hard to clean but very effective.
Interesting, Nina, I will search it here, maybe exists. Thanks for your concern, but send it will cost more than its price.
That's OK, it would be my pleasure.
Simplemente FANTASTICO ! Osvaldo. <br>Nada te detiene. Y lo mas importante es que son soluciones al alcance de la mano. Nada de tener que conseguir un fuselaje en desuso de un 747 para arreglar una canilla que pierde. <br>Un aporte constructivo, estaba pensando que para una superficie no circular a cubrir por la sopapa tal vez una soluci&oacute;n fuera todo un borde de peque&ntilde;as ventosas que generen un campo de succi&oacute;n independiente en este borde. Algo similar a como un pulpo logra tanto agarre. <br>Se que ya hablamos de todo un proyecto complicado de implementar. Pero lo dejo a modo de idea, porque me pareci&oacute; un dispositivo genial. <br> <br>Un saludo grande
Gracias, bicobo! Creo que lo de las ventosas independientes no andar&iacute;a para este uso, aunque s&iacute; para levantar cosas con superficies desparejas, por ejemplo.
I like the process and think this is an area that needs further exploration (I know that sounds weird), thanks for sharing your results! <br />Maybe thicker silicone walls for this design? <br /> <br />An alternative might be to make a cone shape that fits inside the opening, rather than inside as many commercial plungers. What do you think?
Thanks Mike. <br> <br>I think the only possibility is to add an appropiate skirt to the plunger, using the throat surface of the toilet as mold and leaving it to dry over the night . But this would be a little problematic, I wake up 2 or 3 times each night to go to the bathroom. <br> <br>Actually the walls and lip of the plunger are a bit thick, around 5 to 8 mm. I used almost all the silicone cartridge. <br> <br>Your idea of cone sounds good, although many toilets have quadrate throat, like mine.
You should PATENT THIS! Surely at-least for the HOLE OF South America this is gonna be a &quot;miracle&quot; problem solver! <br> <br>THX! <br> <br>MUCHAS GRACIAS!
Haha! Sadly, SOME PROBLEMS can't be solved with a plunger.

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