Picture of Cool sparkler explosion
A jacked up sparkler made of about 30
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Step 1: Stuff you need

Picture of Stuff you need
Toilet paper
Rebar (optional)
Something to burn (optional)
Testube holder (optional)

Step 2: Scraping

Picture of Scraping
Scrape the sparkler powder onto a flat surface

Step 3: Transport

Picture of Transport
Transport the powder onto as much toilet paper that you think is necessary.

Step 4: The option

Picture of The option
Take a long pole or rebar and put the test tube holder on it above your sparkler and put what you want to burn onto the holder

Step 5: What happens

Picture of What happens
Put the sparkler under what your burning and light it but move your hand away quickly
watch the video

driesyo5 years ago
in the vid wtf sandals