This is a fairly quick and easy solution to upgrade your closet with a super strong clothes hanging bar.

We decided to do this when the existing wire shelf and hanger bar system came crashing off of the wall right before we were going to bed. Having to work the next two days, we had no time to fix the problem, so we just piled up the clothes and started to plan how we would fix this so it would never happen again.

This entire project cost us around $30, and took about 30 minutes to install.

Step 1: Take Your Measurements, and Buy the Materials

I had the idea for heavy pipe for a while, but never really had a reason to try it.
We measured the closet at 131" tight, so the next step was to head out to a Home Improvement store and see what types of pipe they had available.

We decided to use 1/2" galvanized pipe. It was heavy and strong, and it was a lot lighter than the next size up.

Here is what we had to buy:

1 ten foot length of pipe
1 five foot length of pipe
3 1/2" flanges
2 couplings
1 3/4" to 1/2" reducing tee
1 box of 1/8" X 2" toggle bolts
1 box of 3/16" X 2" toggle bolts
1 box of 4 knotting anchors, #14 X 3"

Assorted nipples from 3" to 12", so we could fine tune without making extra trips
(except to return what we didn't use!)
We ended up using a 10" nipple for the long bar, and a 3" nipple for the upright bar.

We already had the concrete bits, drills, etc. to make the holes in the walls and the floor.
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hey i need your helps guys i wanna do this in my closet do it is hollow drywall on both side but the previous bar was placed on a 2x4 of wood. do you think this idea will work going through the wood or will it be to much weight.
Is the wood mounted on the outside of the drywall? If it is, I'd be very careful about mounting anything to it unless you make sure that it is fastened on REALLY good. <br> <br>
This worked great! I have a 13' closet, so it cost around 100$ to do this. I would add another down bar for a closet of that size. I was also able to find a T joint in 1/2&quot; so no need for the reducing T and extra nipples. I did have to go to two Home Depot's though :( <br><br>Thanks!
I'm glad you liked it! If possible, pop in a picture of your modifications!
Thanks for the idea! My closets keep falling off and I've reinstalled mine and my wife's 3 times now. Hers just came off again and its time for a permanent fix, I like your solution.
I'm glad you liked it! It's holding up a TON of clothes in our closet.<br><br>Let me know how it goes.

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