This is my first Instructable and I had a few of these tiny Altoid breath strip tins laying around and after seeing some of the extremely cool things  on this site, I decide to give it a go and try to make somthing cool. Hope you like it.
electrical solder, Flux, Soldering Iron, wire Strippers and Cutters, Small flathead Screwdriver, Drill.
Super Bright LED
2 small lengths of wire
1 or 2 button cell batterys
Small momentary switch

Step 1: Popping the Top

Gently use a small flathead screwdriver and pry and slide the top off. You will have to do this on both sides for the lid to slide off.
And county court houses as well.
<p>Yup, sure did. No one could believe it wasn't my key chain. I had to remove it from the keychain. LOL. too funny. You sure did baffle em with this one.</p>
CAUTION! ::: This thing sets off every darn store exit (and entrance) So be careful!.

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Bio: I just like to create stuff.
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