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This is my first Instructable and I had a few of these tiny Altoid breath strip tins laying around and after seeing some of the extremely cool things  on this site, I decide to give it a go and try to make somthing cool. Hope you like it.
electrical solder, Flux, Soldering Iron, wire Strippers and Cutters, Small flathead Screwdriver, Drill.
Super Bright LED
2 small lengths of wire
1 or 2 button cell batterys
Small momentary switch

Step 1: Popping the top

Picture of Popping the top
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Gently use a small flathead screwdriver and pry and slide the top off. You will have to do this on both sides for the lid to slide off.
Grasshopper1221 (author) 3 years ago
And county court houses as well.

Yup, sure did. No one could believe it wasn't my key chain. I had to remove it from the keychain. LOL. too funny. You sure did baffle em with this one.

HealzNDealz3 years ago
CAUTION! ::: This thing sets off every darn store exit (and entrance) So be careful!.