After purchasing your shiny new Ember 3D printer, you decide to print the biggest x-y surface area 64x40mm has to offer because you want surface and you want all of it. Hurried fingers swipe and click.A solid rectangle. An STL. A stoic orange and grey cylinder.

File loaded successfully

Closer. The circle of LEDs dance before you while rectilinear plane after rectilinear plane flow through your imagination.

Is there enough resin, is the build head clear?

You've waited whole minutes for this moment. START! The Z-axis descends like a nonchalant eagle to a delicate perch, the resin tray rotates to position, 22mW/cm^2 of 405nm light blast on to the build area. At long last!

Dkdkdkdk ckckckckck.

Resin tray jammed
Reposition tray

The blood drains from your face. Resume. Resume! The tray is stuck fast, your grand visions reduced to 25 microns of hardened SLA resin between an aluminum plate and a slab of PDMS.

But don't loose hope yet! With a 2mm allan key, a no. 10 torx and a Phillips head screwdriver you too can likely decrease the life your Ember stepper motors and PDMS windows all in the name of moar surface area.

Step 1: Gather Necessary Implements

2mm allan key.

No. 10 torx screwdriver

Small philips screwdriver (ceramic or plastic helps but not necessary)


Ember printer.

<p>How have your motors lasted after doing this?</p>