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Introduction: Superglue Hack!

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This is one of my favorite maker hacks. Learned this as a kid making models.

Step 1: What You Need

Mixing superglue and baking soda creates an opaque, hard, drillable, sandable filler. It also sets up and hardens almost immediately, so you need to plan ahead and work fast.

You need:
Baking soda
Brush (optional)

Step 2: Ready,'s Done

Watch the video to see the magic.

I like to use this for repairs. I use a Brush to dust the edge. Put the parts together and apply glue. Once you apply the glue it instantly hardens. I then apply another dusting to renforcement the seam. Allow to cure for an hour or more before sanding, shaping or drilling.

As a filler, tape off area and apply alternate amounts of glue and Baking soda. For thick pieces of filler, allow 10 minutes between layers of 1/4 inch or more.

There is an exothermic reaction and the mix gets hot, so use caution. It is somewhat brittle at this stage. Once it cures it's rock hard.

Step 3: Endless Applications

This can be used for modeling, automotive fixes, boating, crafting...literally, thousands of applications.

Remember, be safe. Use eye protection. Acetone can be used for clean up. Use nail polish remover for getting glue off hands.

Step 4: Share Your Favorite Glue Hack in the Comments Below. Lex

Thank you

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Can you use it on a chevy truck door handle?

cool as thanks.

very handy hack, will be sure to use!

Did this with some powdered ABS plastic instead of baking soda to fill a hole in a cover plate for my PC. I filled the hole with the powder then when I put a couple drops of CA glue in, it actually cured so fast that it melted all the plastic into 1 solid, seamless piece.


2 years ago

Toilet paper works well as a filler with superglue too.

Nice work! I'm an old lady who can't experiment (seen the price of super glue lately?), so I ask you. My '98 Buick has no garage; Texas sun has opened up a couple of 2 " cracks in dashboard vinyl (?); don't care how it looks but want to keep cracks from getting so long that pieces of the covering fall off. Tried the glue alone a while back, hoping it would be sucked into the cracks & nip the problem in the bud. Nope. Hairline opening - can't exactly shove in a putty knife blade full of glue. Any chance? Gel or runny? With soda? Should I just give up, hit the duct tape to hide the cracks, forget the whole thing? lol You have my vote.

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don't use this on the car vinyl, but get a vinyl repair kit at WalMart auto section on an furniture shop etc. This will make a flexible bond to the vinyl and will fill it plus give time to smooth it out. The super glue will make it crack more as it is not forgiving when temperature makes you dash expand and contract. Bonus is also you can get the color matched.

Thanks to everyone who offered ideas about my heat cracked vinyl dashboard cover. There's logic in each. After much consideration, I decided there's no way to stop the cracks from appearing or expanding. The solutions are to cover the dash, install a new one or just forget about it. There IS another solution, the very best, but it isn't available to me: "It's a new CAR!" Sigh. I really appreciate your help. Thank you.

You might be able to buy a whole piece of vinyl large enough to cover the ash (for cheap try Walmart in the upholstery section or Joannes etc) and cover the whole thing ---which would mean you don't have to match or worry about further holes opening up--I would "fill in" the cracks with something you can jam or glue in there. On RV boards they have the same issues in the older coaches; you might check on some of those for ideas too. OR you could strip off the old stuff and recover or paint.

I used a piece of carpet on the dash as it absorbs the heat and is easy to pull out to clean. It will slow down the cracking in the dash but will had it too :-)

Don't use ducktape I did that and after a few months the tape shrinks in the heat :-/ and your left with the glue from the tape exposed and collecting dust and is a right nasty mess to clean up.

Hi Not a Pot;

Google : dashboard coverlay

You might be able to buy an easy to install dashboard cover for your car. I'm a retired upholsterer and those vinyl repair kits never do the job.

Thank you, ArtS13. Used to see TV ads for those repair kits & was always doubtful . . .cover is a good idea.

There's something called gaffer tape that might work. You must use gaffer tape though not duct tape. Also called silage tape that farmers use. Used to repair blue tarps that have fallen apart in the sun. The tape lasts longer than the blue tarp. Duct tape won't work the adhesive is cheap; gaffer tape is a rubber adhesive. It comes in diff. colors too.

Having worked with gaffers, I'm familiar with the tape, but didn't think of it. Thanks, nutley!

Hmmmmm. I'd give it a shot. Dust the Crack first, get the baking soda in there really good. Then put a drop of the liquid super glue on it and immediately wipe it with a wet paper towel to get the excess off. One quick swipe should do it.

If you do it, come back and let us know how it went. :)

Good luck

I've used aluminum powder with my super glue with my robotics project and it's being used to hold the whole thing up

Super method.
I already repaired many cases desperate with this way. Especially thermoplastics.
Last week, I repaired poorly designed oscilloscope switches (see photo).

16 20:37.jpg

2 years ago

If someone were to discover a substance or filler which were to act as a retarding agent, that would be great. A little more time to mix etc. Diatomaceous earth is an alternative thickening agent that I have used with polyester and / or epoxy resin as well.