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I have been needing/ wanting to make a superhero cape for the longest time, and I spent a lot of time wasting time while looking for tutorials. I couldn't find any that seemed to appeal to me or make sense. So, I improvised and combined a few tutorial methods to create my own. ^_^

A simple beginner costume tutorial like this should only cost about $10 or $15 if you don't already have these materials laying around the house (that doesn't include the cost of a sewing machine). I only spend about $8.
-1 yard of fabric
-Velcro/ buttons
-Fabric Scissors
-Sewing Machine (had sewing is the alternative)
-Fabric pens

I have provided work in progress photos to follow the written descriptions because I am a visual learner, and I understand how frustrating it can be to find a tutorial that fails to help explain how to make something because pictures are not provided. If you have any questions, or something is unclear, please don't hesitate to ask questions. I love answering peoples' questions in regards to costume making!!!

Step 1: Cutting the Cape Out

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To ensure that the cape would be an appealing custom fit, I took measurements from my shoulders to my knees (36 inches) and from the middle of my neck to the end of my shoulder (9 inches). I folded the fabric in half and marked these measurements as needed.

Considering I was mimicking Batman's cape (to an extent) I didn't want a streamlined bottom. So, starting at the folded edge, I made a mark every four inches, and between each mark I traced a half circle by using a lid. This helped to create the ripple effect of Batman's cape.

To create a neck hole, I took a plate and traced half of it at the top of the folded edge. At first, I traced it with the lid I used for the ripple effect. However, I suggested that the hole would be too small, and I stand correct.

I then used the ruler to draw a straight line that started at the 9 inch mark and ended at the bottom (horizontal to the 36 inch mark).

Before cutting out the cape, I marked half inch seam allowances and cut along these lines.

Oh, and beware of sweet little house pets that might get enthusiastic about your work! :3

Step 2: Sewing the Cape

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Before sewing, I folded the half inch seam allowances in half, to allow for 1/4 inch seams. Depending on the fabric type, you might not have to do this. I did this just ensure that frilly/ frizzy edges don't become an issue and degrade the quality and appearance of my cape.

Once all of the edge were pinned, I finally began to sew. I failed to retrieve black thread, and I was too lazy to go to the store (and spend money). So, improvised and used gray thread.

To finish the neck hole, I measured the diameter of the neck hole (10 inches) and cut out two 5 x 2 inch rectangles and sewed velcro on their undersides. The alternative to velcro is buttons; I suppose it just depends on which item you are most comfortable with using. ^_^


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