I decided that my old Batman shirt needed a revamp, since I hadn't worn it in ages and wanted to do something fun with it. I thought that this might be a great way to make a boxy t-shirt slightly more feminine, while keeping the superhero charm.


  • Superhero t-shirt
  • Iron-on interfacing
  • Lace

Step 1: Cut Interfacing

Cut a piece of interfacing of the same size and shape of your shirt's logo.

<p>I love this as a way to make these shirts a bit more cute and girly! Still geeky, but very unique and pretty too :D I have to go find some shirts to cut up!</p>
<p>Thanks! It's one of my favourite projects - these sorts of shirts tend to have such a masculine shape and fit to them, so this makes them way cuter! :)</p>
<p>Looks great....good job!!</p>
eonderful and creative idea..nicely described too
<p>Thanks! :)</p>
<p>What an attitude after wearing the BATMAN shirt :) !</p>
<p>Now I have some use for all the darn lace I have laying around coincidentally! </p>
<p>That's a neat idea. I don't think I've ever seen this done before. Great t-shirt hack!</p>
<p>Thank you! :)</p>

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