Step 10: Displaying

Picture of Displaying
You can display the gnomes anywhere in your yard, but it is best to place them in an area where they can get a good view of the entire yard and any particular trouble areas.  If you've modified your gnomes correctly, your garden should be in order within a few weeks.  Any new threats can be handled with additional super gnomes or by forming a super gnome league or  justice guild.

Take your gnomes inside during winter.  The crime rate drops dramatically during the colder months anyway.
DarkRaven4 years ago
Pleased with how my gnomes came out thanks for the instructable
DarkRaven4 years ago
About how tall are each of the gnomes?
The Papier Boy (author)  DarkRaven4 years ago
the standing gnome is about 13 inches. They are measured here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Nook-of-Justice/#step2
samthor4 years ago
brilliant idea.
lala4124 years ago
I love this! I definitely need Batman and Green Arrow in my garden. Must get some gnomes!
feltonite4 years ago
Very cute and clever!