Superhero Garden Gnome Mod

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Step 2: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Before starting you'll want to gather your supplies.  Make sure you have everything ready.
  • Ceramic garden gnomes
  • Sculpey (Super Sculpey is my preference but Sculpey III is good too)
  • Bondo body filler
  • Craft paint (any type that is rated for ceramics...some aren't. Read the label)
  • Paint brushes (artist's and/or craft brushes)
  • Spray paint (Clear, outdoor enamel)
  • Imagination
  • Razor knife (or Xact-o knife)
  • Oven (to bake the Sculpey, silly)
  • Aluminum foil
  • Baking sheet
  • Rolling pin (or piece of PVC pipe)
  • A smooth, hard surface (such as a sheet of glass or countertop)
  • Sand paper (120 grit and 200 grit)
  • Wooden spatulas or tongue depressors
  • Construction adhesive
  • Accessories: such as little buttons, buckles, twine, etc.
You'll also want to have a blank canvas.  So if you are not using a brand new gnome you should take the time to prime it.  That way all of the colors will be vibrant and uniform.
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