Step 3: Sculpting

First thing to do is sculpt the masks.  For Robin's mask and Spiderman's eyes make a paper template.  Next roll the Sculpey out into a thin sheet on a very smooth surface using a pvc pipe or rolling pin.  A piece of glass makes a great surface.  Use the template to cut out the masks using a razor knife.  For Batman's mask just make a large rectangle; no template needed.  Place the masks on the gnome faces and pressed them tightly into place.  For Batman, drape the rectangular sheet of Sculpey over the gnomes face and cut away the excess.  Pinch the nose between your thumb and index finger to create the pointed nose.  Use your pinky to make the indentations for the eyes.

Make a little ball of Sculpey and squish it into a circle.  Use it to decorate Robin's belt buckle.

For Batman's ears roll two Sculpey balls and shape them into pointy cones.  Use your thumb to smoosh them into place on the side of the gnome's head. They'll probably stick there in place and hold on their own.

You should have excess Sculpey rolled out.  You can use a razor knife to cut out a Bat-a-rang.  Make a paper template if needed.
Just wanted to thank you for the Instructable! Been wanting a Devo gnome for years, but never had a clue as to how I could pull it off.
where can I buy these unfinished gnomes???
Try eBay. That's the best place I have seen.
The biohazard symbol on the possum's forehead was a nice touch.
Poor Batgnome! The person that I made the gnomes for has decided to keep them inside he is too worried about something happening to them. Here is my spiderman it's hard to see from the picture but you get the idea. Thanks again for the instructable!
A bird pooped on Batgnome's head.
Pleased with how my gnomes came out thanks for the instructable
Fantastic! Where did you end up getting the gnomes from? They look great.
http://donnasmailboxesandmore.com/zencart/<br>This site had all the gnomes you had and then some so I was pretty excited when I found it also the prices were great compared to the paint your own pottery places in town which was my first try (they wanted $30 for a gnome only about 5 inches tall) I actually have another gnome making it's way to me in the mail now he got left behind cause of bad weather so I'll be making yet another one, I'll post pics whenever he gets here.
This is a brilliant idea. With a bit more development, you could try to get this sort of thing into a gallery.
About how tall are each of the gnomes?
the standing gnome is about 13 inches. They are measured here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Nook-of-Justice/#step2<br>
WOO-HOO! Big CONGRATS to you!!!!!!
Hey what primer did you use/suggest??
I used white acrylic plaint. If the gnomes you use are unpainted then there is no need to prime.
Thanks, this was the coolest idea I've seen in a while
Congratulations on being featured by MAKE!
Dude - Felicia Day just posted your project on Twitter. Kudos!
I must be old or out of it b/c I don't know who that is. It's nice though.
I'm doing Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy!!!<br><br>Nice idea and great way to modify an existing product.
Great. Make sure I get to see the finished product ;)
The Nook of Justice...HQ for the Legion of Extraordinary Gnomes: https://www.instructables.com/id/Nook-of-Justice/
just realized I forgot Batman's eyebrows.
OMG, the yellow lines! You rock. I'm going for Iron Man!
From what I have read about this clay if you bake in your home oven you should bake it in an oven bag the kind you would use for a turkey or ham. it keeps any polymer toxins off the walls of your oven. I use a toaster oven for my clay pieces but I don't think a gnome will fit in it. I love this idea though there are so many places to take it. :o) thanks for the instructable.
That's probably a good idea. Especially now that I have a young daughter in the house. Although for this particular project the toxins help give the gnome its superpowers. Thanks.
LOL I love it, ok well give the gnomes a super concentrated dose in the oven bag. the gnome gets all the toxins keeping your oven &quot;Kryptonite&quot; free. LOL :o)<br>
Genius! I love these gnomes!
Genius is a strong word. But you're right in this case.
This gnome is ADORABLE and I love the humor in your very detailed instructable!<br><br>5 Stars and you'll get one of my votes, too!
aww, thanks.
Even more than liking the instructable, I loved just simply reading this. Thank you for the inspiration and the read!
Voted... Good Luck!!!
that's sweet. Thanks.
I don't understand these instructions. Where does the original come into the picture in order to make the copy off of? Please elaborate.Maybe I'm just dumb. Thanks
HAHA<br> Sims3 Mysterious Mr. Gnome<br>XD lol
brilliant idea.
perfect! now off i must go to find some gnomes.
These are fantastic!! I will definitely have make on in the coming weeks.
I love this! I definitely need Batman and Green Arrow in my garden. Must get some gnomes!
I love it!!
I love it! Creative ible, and upbeat patter to entertain and educate us. Well done, Papier Boy! hmmm... Do you have a Papier Boy gnome in your yard? It also sounds like you'd have a blast playing City of Heroes! :D
hey could i make them with cameras in the head also could you tell me where you got those nomes
I've had these gnomes for about 20 years. But you can get ceramic pieces online through eBay or online vendors. There are various types of gnomes. These are called Albertas b/c they are made from the mold of a company called Alberta's Molds.
ok thanks wow super knomes now to add cameras to eyes
wow cool

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