From mild mannered maker, super rich playboy, or unassuming administrative assistant, you too can instantly change into your superhero costume when the call arises.  From the League of Righteousness union hall, comes these official Betabrand Super Hero reversible hoodies.  With your secret identity cloaked under the shroud of "normal" street hoodies fashioned in the classy executive business style or the casual classic herringbone to the breezy seersucker look, these hoodies reverse to classy superhero costumes.  And if you just want to give a hint that you posess such super powers, when wearing the regular citizen side out, roll up the cuffs to expose a little of your costume or super bullet reflecting bracelets.  You can then crack open a fresh can of whoopas... Unzip the split hood and lay down to form a mini-cape on the back. 

Batbelt, Superman disco trunks and leggings, and magic lasso sold separately.

Warning:  Acquiring said hoodies has not been proven to enhance or endow any super powers. Do not attempt to fly unless you have a boarding pass and have been properly screened by TSA. Ask them for the "special treatment."

Disclaimer: Betabrand logo hijackeded for artistic purposes only. Geez I hope they don't have lawyerz like they do at Autodesk...wait

Step 1: Holey Quick Reversing Super Garments...

Regular hoodies are repurposed from the existing line of Betabrand hoodies.

The reverse side is faced with super hero costume elements.

The hood has a zipper to allow it to be unzipped and opened up so it lays flat on the shoulder.

Superman model is more expensive because a special fabric has to be imported from a faraway place like planet BetaKrypton.

Finally, the entire garment is treated with some super secret proprietary industrial process to give it that wonderful spring-fresh scent and sparkly clean look. 
One of these like The Flash would be awesome!
<p>love the flash he is my favorite DC superhero. and i was thinking the same thing.</p>
That would be fun to run past somebody and then change.
And with reverseable sweats to go with it... :))
Some of us don't need a hoodie... <br>
Stranger! Danger! oooo, it's just Kiteman.
Good one! Super-power: gliding using kites
Ha! ha!Kiteman..coool
CD drew it sone time ago.
Oh, I want one! Or more ;-)

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