Superman Cork Coasters





Introduction: Superman Cork Coasters

I used 1/4 inch cork and made a trio of SUPER coasters for my super friend, Mike. 

Each coaster measures 4 inches by 3 1/2 inches.
I made a custom stencil for the shield (you can read how to do that here). 
I used a sponge brush to dab the paint onto the coasters. 
Each coaster got several coats of clear acrylic seal, for water repelling



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    Too awesome! My partner loves Batman, I will have to make these for him!!

    u shoulda won something for the comic contest so sorry ppl dont stick to their own rulez

    YES. Cork coasters are where it's at. These look great. Mike is a lucky guy. Super lucky.

    He has a bit of an attachment to Superman, even has the shield tattooed on his chest. I gave them to him for Father's Day...he LOVED them!

    these are totally awesome!!!! I love them and they make the collection i'm building soooooo much nicer because they're homemade and i feel the love that went into making them evry time i look at them and use them! thanks so much!!