Two cross stitch patterns (in excel form) for a Supernatural cross stitch featuring Team Free Will (+ Crowley). The first is shown above; the second pattern is a Destiel variant.

edited to add: a variant showing Dean holding his other true love, pie

Step 1: Materials

Aida 14 count cloth (pattern written for a 5 x7” frame)

Colors (standard floss color number given)


Body - black Tire - 317

Bumpers/hubcaps - 169

Window/trim - 762

Light - 744


Skin - 945

Shoes - black

Jeans - 3765

Shirt - 814

Jacket - 3750

Hair - 975


Skin - 945

Shoes - black

Pants - 898

Shirt - 3765

Jacket - 319

Hair - 898

Antlers - 975


Skin - 945

Shoes - black

Suit - black

Trench coat - 422

Shirt - 762

Wings - 415

Hair - black


Skin - 945

Shoes - black

Jacket - black

Suit - 317

Hair - 3799

Tail - 817

<p>This is great! The Impala is definitely a part of team free will!</p>
<p>Tweaked the pattern just a bit but I made Sam and Dean which was so easy and so much fin actually. I didn't like how the two blues mixed with Dean's original outfit but the red undershirt had the same tone as the red button up dean wears in season 10, which was my big change. Also gave them eyes just because I thought it would be a nice touch. Thanks so much for uploading this pattern! Definitely will be coming back for this one next time I want something Supernatural to stitch</p>
Moose made me laugh. such an awesome job
<p>Ha!... Moose :)</p>
<p>So cute! I love the extras on Crowley, so cute with his tail! Thanks for sharing!</p>

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