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This is a GREAT improvement  over Jenga, it has more pieces and it has mallets!. This game is very quick and easy to make.  It is super sized and it can be stacked well over 5’ high. The mallets add to the fun for kids and makes the large size boards easier to move.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

4- - 10’ long 2”X3” pine (the radiata pine boards available at Home Depot  are great for this project ,they are usually quite dry and it is a light weight pine.


A tape measure or ruler

saw (I used a table saw with a cross cut sled )

You can use whatever type of saw you have

Router with a round over bit


Hardhats (i found some at garage sales)

A game box for the set (I will  a separate instructable.)


Step 2: Round over edges

Picture of Round over edges

Round over the edges of the boards with a router with a small round over bit.

If you don’ t have a router , or if you want to include small children in the build project, you can just soften up the edges with sandpaper.

Step 3: Trim ends off boards

Trim a thin piece of wood off one end of each board., to remove the paint on the end of the boards.

bdupee11 year ago
I want to build one for a Christmas gift this year. Do you plan on putting up instructions for a box to store it in? I think it would really add to the gift.
artlife (author)  bdupee11 year ago
Yes, do plan on posting plans for a box. Hopefully in plenty of time for Christmas.
mortyjeff1 year ago
Just built this today! Awesome thanks for the simple instructions.
artlife (author)  mortyjeff1 year ago
Great! I am glad the instructions were good for you!
Hmm seems strangely familiar :D... Just a heads up, "Jenga" doesn't like it that there are people making their own "Jenga" game. I had to change my instructable to something without Jenga in it.
artlife (author)  Mtoashirbab1 year ago
It is actually a Jenga "like" game. (I will edit the title.
This is from Wikipedia "A very similar game called Ta-Ka-Radi was released in the USA by the Parsons family of Maine in 1978, five years before the release of Jenga.[8] Their game was sold through mail-order by L.L. Bean and Lands' End stores. The Parsons family did not invent the game; it had been shown to them by a friend recently returned from a visit to Africa.[9] According to Ta-Ka-Radi's website, this style of stacking block tower game originated in West Africa, and that "Ta-Ka-Radi is the original game as it has been played by generations of West African people." However, as this is incorrect and there is no evidence that any such game existed in Africa or anywhere else before the early 1970s,[dubious – discuss] it is more likely that the friend who showed it to the Parsons had played it with the Scott family or friends of the Scott family during a visit to Accra.[citation needed]

There are two main differences between Ta-Ka-Radi and Jenga. In Ta-ka-radi there are 50 tiles, and the tiles are placed on their narrow edge with gaps in between them.[10] Jenga is played with 54 tiles, and the tiles are placed on their broad side without gaps between them."
This version does not have 54 or 50 pieces, it has 58 and it has mallets. It is also more fun!
shazni1 year ago
This is so cool...I have a small one...a large one would be great fun!
artlife (author)  shazni1 year ago
Thanks! How is the small one to play? I made a small set too, but I haven't tried it yet.
artlife (author)  antibobthebuilder1 year ago
HollyMann1 year ago
Great job - a fun game - even more fun with it being so large!!! :)
artlife (author)  HollyMann1 year ago
Thanks. The kids here love it!