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Introduction: Supersoft Newborn Sleeping Bag

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Hello! Today I`m going to instruct you how to make newborn baby sleeping bag. It's not difficult and you will enjoy the process!

Step 1: Preparation

Prepare all materials that you will need

I used 40*130cm (15 3/4 * 51 1/8 wide) cotton with horses, 40*130cm (15 3/4 * 51 1/8 wide) wellsoft, 40*130cm (15 3/4 * 51 1/8 wide) polyester wadding, 90cm (35 inch) zipper, 4 buttons.

Step 2: Pattern and Cutting

The most of the time I've spent on drawing patternduring this project. After the pattern was ready, I cut out all the details. Finnaly I 've got 6 items of 2 pieces of each fabric: cotton with horses, wellsoft and warmer layer.

Step 3: Sewing

Firstly you'll need to pin the seamy side of wellsoft and a polyester layer, then stitch them on the sewing machine. Then I neaten the edges of cotton horses fabric.

Step 4: Joining Sides

Next step is folding face to face cotton horses details and joining them with sewing mashine along the yellow line, the same you need to do with wellsoft.

Step 5: Zipper Stitching

One of the hardest things for me in this project is accurate zipper stitching. First I stitched all layers with zipper by hands, when I`ve done it, I checked how zipper works. If it works fine then stitch it with machine, turn inside out and you'll see how your bag will look soon)

Step 6: Making a Button Loops

To make hood on our pretty bag we have to make button loops on it. Fold 2cm wide tissue to the middle and then fold again in half, stitch with machine.

Step 7:

Turn inside out bag, place two or three button loops on one side of hood and pin them. Pin and stitch on machine along the red line, leave the hole to turn out our bag.

Step 8: Finishing

Now turn out bag, sew the hole with blind stitch by hands. Place buttons and attatch them. Our beautiful supersoft warm newborn baby sleeping bag is ready!

Step 9: P.S.

This is my third bag. First I made for my daughter, the second for friends baby boy, this bag is to friends baby (we don`t know boy or girl yet)



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