1 newspaper
1 beer bottle

Step 1: Fold your newspaper in half

A little tip: use you're hands..
I just break the neck off on the bumper of my truck and pour the beer into my mouth. once the bottle is empty, I toss it against the brick wall, scream YEEEEAAAH!! and kick my friend in the jimblies.
nice lol
I usually position my hand loosely a bit down the neck of the bottle and wedge anything (in this case a newspaper) between my fingers and the bottlecap. When tightening the grip on the bottle you get a tremendous force witch pops any cap.
Also works just fine with another beer bottle (use the cap end), a plastic bottle, ... really almost anything if you're desperate!
Other bottles is my way too, but I guess the newspaper does that last one in the box....
To open the last bottle, you snap a lid back on an empty bottle and use that. That sort of popping open doesn't destroy the lid like a bottle opener does. <br> <br>I'm still amazed when I meet people in their late 20's and older who don't know the essential life skill of popping one beer open with another.
Use Duvel or Grimbergen. Jupiler is not worth opening, it tastes like Budweiser.
Great idea but you need to learn to spell. It's &quot;your&quot; not &quot;you're and &quot;lose&quot; not &quot;loose&quot;. Your reminders should read &quot;use 'your' hands . . .&quot; and &quot;Don't 'lose' focus&quot; <br> <br>Now I'm off to buy a newspaper and a six-pack of Guinness. Thanks for your simple solution to an age old problem.
&quot;Great idea but you need to learn to spell&quot;. if you looked at the print on the news paper you would have notice that not everyone has English for their 1st language. <br>
open it with you teeth...from the side.
The next time I have friends over drinking beer, I'm going to lay a newspaper on the table and put a beer bottle next to it. I'm then going to challenge them to open the bottle with the paper. <br> <br>I'll have to make sure it isn't a twist off, because I thought you were going to wrap the paper around the bottle cap to protect your hand while twisting the cap off.
or you can use spoon, fork, or side of the table. <br> <br>Side of the table is faster when you are drinking with friend.
use a lighter, spoon, table, rock, bumper bar, someones teeth, belt buckle, door key, or how about twist and turn with your hands <br>- To many option to list <br>- What a silly post - by the time you finished rolling up this paper my mates would have drunk all your beer leaving nothing for you :)
use the table trick here and there. Its all technique. <br>But I gotta say the old boy scout motto &quot;Be prepared&quot; so I almost always have an opener with me. <br> <br>(boy scouts is where i learned the table trick and how to drink :) Good old troupe )
But it must be a good friend and a bad table. More than once the lid has stayed on my beer and a chunk of table gave way
LoL, i had a GF that would open my beers with her teeth if I gave her a couple of sips. :)
I tried doing this at a party once - ended up with a bloody and bandaged finger (admittedly I used a much smaller piece of paper so my &quot;opening hand&quot; was really close to the viciously serrated lid). <br>I'd hate to think how it may have turned out if I'd already had a few beers beforehand..
Actually there ar more than a thousand ways to open a bottle of beer... <a href="http://stuff.twoday.net/stories/105293/" rel="nofollow">Here's the proof!</a>
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This is how I usually open bottles except I use the end of a lighter.
Also, you can sometimes take the grate out of a coke machine or ice machine, turn it on its side, and use 2 wires to pry the lid off, like an old coke machine. Do it near the edge so it doesn't bend the wires.
I have found the best thing for beer opening: a $1 pair of pliers. It is not overtly a weapon, a bottle opener, etc. It is a pair of pliers. (if you are drinking in public or driving with new beer in your car, that could be important.) It will remove the most stubborn caps, twist off or non twist off.
Pro alcoholics always have a canopener in their pocket, and one on a keychain, and a couple in the car. But if you lack all that, you can use a drawer handle, or the edge of a counter. Set the edge of the cap on the edge of the counter, slide the bottle up 1 inch along the neck, and with a tight grip, slide the bottle down the counter edge toward floor and yank the cap off, in one smooth motion. hurry up and gulp down any suds before they spill on the floor. If you are very drunk, you can put the cap on the edge of any counter or brick terrace, door knob, etc, and hold the bottle tightly. Slap the top of the cap with your closed fist (you won't feel it if you bang your knuckle a little. If you can still catch the cap, not drop the bottle, and not spill any suds, you're good for 3 more if you're walking and not driving.
I like this, me like beer loads!<br>What was part 3 again, its really hard keeping up ;-D<br>...Haha great little instructable you have here and a good party trick
I also found some other interesting ways http://howtohacklife101.blogspot.com/2011/03/how-to-open-beer-bottle-without-bottle.html
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Clever!<br><br>I knew this system, but only to convert the newspaper into a self defense weapon. It is very effective: a blow to the head with that knot hurts and makes a nice bump.
I could have used this about six years ago. We were in a hotel suite after a day of meetings. Our host had everything but a bottle opener.

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