Introduction: Instant Ice (Gel)

Picture of Instant Ice (Gel)

Sodium Polyacrylate
Small Bowl (or Beaker)
Any Food Coloring

Step 1: Getting Started

Get out all you supplies and lay them out on the table neatly.

Step 2: The Sodium Polyacrylate

Picture of The Sodium Polyacrylate

Pour the desired amount of sodium polyacrylate into your small bowl (or beaker).

Step 3: Water and Food Coloring

Picture of Water and Food Coloring

Pour some water inside of a different cup or bowl and add the food coloring.

Step 4: Instant Ice!

Picture of Instant Ice!

Add the water and food coloring to the sodium polyacrylate. Then stand back and watch the reaction began!


chantell_burrell (author)2014-01-09

I didn't take any pictures of my own experiment and I did not know how to attach my video to the instructable @kihscience

kihscience (author)2014-01-08

Why didn't you use your own pictures? How does the reaction actually work?

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