Using supraconductive pallets, cords and liquid nitrogen, we designed a breakfast machine inspired by Wallace and Gormit's movies. To see how we built it, watch the video until the end. 
Private video?
Woah..how many people were involved in the making of this video? Looks like alot.
Haha, actually, 90% of the names is Samuel Bernier. Aka : me
WOW, viral yet or what!
how much
That looks crazy! You must have had a blast making it :)
We spent a lot of time into making things work. A lot of days and nights of exp&eacute;rimentation. We had a lot of fun (and also a big budget for magnets, liquid nitrogen and supras). It was a once in a life time opportunity than to work with CNRS scientist for the 100 years of supraconductivity. For more supra projects : http://www.supradesign.fr/<br><br>-Sam

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