Introduction: Surf Art

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Step 1: Getting Started

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I had a old junk surf board I picked up for free the nose was broken, so I sorta fixed it so I could use it for a art project! The whole thing is covered with ripped paper from surf magazines glued to the board. I started by finding a picture I liked then I drew it on the board I changed the SUV in the pic to a old 60's Ford Econoline.

Step 2: The Van

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After finishing every thing but the van I decided the van was to small so I drew it bigger on a separate piece of paper and did the same thing I did on the board, pieces of magazine paper for the whole thing the difference was the pieces had to be smaller because of the detail of the van.

Step 3: Done

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Glued the van to the board and all done! Now I'll have my self another wall hanger! If you liked this check out my Surfboard Shark Wall Hanger!


Petergottm (author)2013-04-11


l8nite (author)2013-04-10

that looks really wicked

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