Introduction: Surface Casting

Ideal for working on medium-sized projects, this process of pouring a high quality material around a lower quality core creates a highly accurate, yet economical part.

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diginess (author)2010-11-11

How do you get rid of the comment bubble in the middle of the video? It stays on top of the viewable area, can't see anything, oh well.

Broom (author)diginess2011-01-13

There's an upward-pointing triangle in a grey box on the lower-right hand corner. Hover over it - a menu will pop up. The top selection is "no comment bubbles".

galaxyman7 (author)2009-06-09

You can actually make a plastic with sulfur that can be poured into molds and machined. It's called sulpho plastic. Go to my instructable to find out how to make it here

Oz (author)2008-11-13

This is the most professional video I have watched at Instructables. Thanks for providing this.

dchall8 (author)2008-10-08

Thank you for the professional video. I hate video Instructables and have made that fact known plenty. This one; however, is GREAT! My next step is to watch all the rest of your videos, not to dis them but to learn something. I need to duplicate the curvature of the bottom of my daughter's bass fiddle to make a custom fitted cradle. Hopefully I'll get some good ideas.

SurferGeek (author)2007-12-28

You can use the same process for creating hollow cast items like models.

GorillazMiko (author)2007-12-26


Tool Using Animal (author)2007-12-26

Just some personal thoughts.... I don't mind commercials when they are as well done and informative as this, however, just slamming out a bunch all at once doesn't work for me, I'd be much more interested if they were doled out a few days to a week apart..

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