Surface Casting





Introduction: Surface Casting

Ideal for working on medium-sized projects, this process of pouring a high quality material around a lower quality core creates a highly accurate, yet economical part.

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    How do you get rid of the comment bubble in the middle of the video? It stays on top of the viewable area, can't see anything, oh well.

    There's an upward-pointing triangle in a grey box on the lower-right hand corner. Hover over it - a menu will pop up. The top selection is "no comment bubbles".


    This is the most professional video I have watched at Instructables. Thanks for providing this.

    Thank you for the professional video. I hate video Instructables and have made that fact known plenty. This one; however, is GREAT! My next step is to watch all the rest of your videos, not to dis them but to learn something. I need to duplicate the curvature of the bottom of my daughter's bass fiddle to make a custom fitted cradle. Hopefully I'll get some good ideas.

    You can use the same process for creating hollow cast items like models.

    Just some personal thoughts.... I don't mind commercials when they are as well done and informative as this, however, just slamming out a bunch all at once doesn't work for me, I'd be much more interested if they were doled out a few days to a week apart..