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My husband and I both surf and were married on the beach.  We used a surfboard for a guest book.  The guestbook for us did not make a lot of sense, we would never look at it.  We decided that the surfboard would hang above our fireplace and we could see the well wishes from our guests everyday.  We let our guests draw, write and decorate our surfboard with Sharpie markers in different colors.  We love this piece of art in in our house.  It is always a conversation piece when people come into our home.  Much better than a book hidden away in a box.



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    We are getting married in Costa Rica and dying to use a surfboard guest book ... did you make this yourself or order it from somewhere? We have seen many online but this looks like such great quality. Thanks!

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    We used an old surfboard and stripped the wax and cleaned it really well. The board was one my husband used. We used sharpie markers to write our last name and wedding date. The guests used sharpies as well. I would suggest to have someone help guests sign it and encourage people to do so because it is so different, this worked for us. Congrats!