Introduction: Surfs Up

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here is a easy and creative automata.

Step 1: Collecting and Planning

1st, We planned our idea and started collecting the recycled objects we needed, such as,cardboard, coloured paper, skewers, coat hanger, cams and toilet rolls.

Step 2: Cams and the Rods

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2nd, We made the cams and the rod. We created the rod with a coat hanger and toilet rolls cut up into rectangles. The cams were made of a couple of cardboard pieces stuck together.

Step 3: The Rod

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3rd, We cut 2 holes one on each side of the box. We put the coat hanger through the holes. We then stuck the rectangular pieces of cardboard on the coat hanger to make the rod longer. We cut a square shaped piece of cardboard and stuck it to the box a bit above the cams. This makes the surfer move up and down.

Step 4: Surfer

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4th, We made the surfer as well as the surfboard, and then stuck her on the surfboard. We then put her and the surfboard on a skewer also in the middle of the box and on the square piece of cardboard. This made the surfer go up and down when to cams moved the square shaped cardboard.

Step 5: Decoration

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5th, we got the yellow coloured paper and stuck it on the top of the box.Then we made some waves out of white paper and then colored it blue and we made a cardboard background and painted it blue .We drew a dolphin and stuck it in the background.

Step 6: All Done

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hopefully you loved our creation please leave a comment or like this THANKYOU!!!!

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Yolo2014 (author)2014-11-20

this is awesome

seamster (author)2014-11-20

Pretty clever! Keep up the good work!

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