I usually don't really like creamy salads as they tend to have either too much mayonnaise or are too salty and heavy. But the surimi salad was a real discovery. Light and full of nice fresh vegetables, it's perfect for hot sunny days.

Step 1: Let's Begin

Things you will need:

- 500 g of pasta

- 250 g of surimi sticks

- 2 tomatoes (i use the big, home grown ones as they are a lot tastier than grapolo ones from the store)

- 2 peppers (the original recipe says they have to be green, but I use the ones I have at home; it's not much of a difference, it only gives the salad more colour)

- 1 red onion (why is it called red when it's actually purple?)

- 300 g of sour cream

- 1 table spoon of mayonnaise

- salt and pepper

- fresh parsley

Looks good.
<p>Looks tasty!</p>

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