The little gif shows the Surprise; the video shows more fully the Surprise Picture in action. The transformation of one picture into another by simply pulling a slider is almost magical! This Instructable will show you how to create a Surprise Picture card using your own pictures. Create a custom card for any occasion. Amaze and amuse yourself and your friends.

The Surprise Picture, or “Dissolving Scene”, mechanism has been known for well over a century. But it has been difficult to create due to the precision of the cuts required. Now, using the “print to cut” feature of the Silhouette cutters, it’s easy! With the design provided in this Instructable, you can to create your own unique Surprise Picture cards. All you need is a printer and a Silhouette cutter.

Prerequisites: You will need access to a Silhouette Cameo cutter. (This could be adapted to the smaller Silhouette Portrait if you are ambitious.) Some familiarity with Silhouette Studio is assumed. Version 3.8 (precisely: 3.8.19ss) is used in this Instructable. This shouldn’t be your first project! You’ll also need access to a color printer that can print onto Letter size cardstock. Inkscape is useful but not required for creating the outer cover for the card.

The card is made of two parts: a Cover and a Slider. You’ll learn how to make them both – and combine them into a card. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Creating the Cover

The Cover is the part of the card that covers the Slider and that people see first. Opening it reveals the window through which the pictures are viewed. Placement of the text (or whatever) on the cover is probably best done in Inkscape or a similar tool. Using Inkscape, you can open the TigerCard.svg file. Whatever text or image you want on the cover is put in the lower half of the sheet, right side up (not inverted). The Silhouette “print to cut feature” is not necessary here since high precision is not required. The TigerCard.pdf file is the file I printed for my version. You should print your version on cardstock now.

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