I decided to be Rapunzel for Halloween last July. But I let time slip by, and suddenly it was a week before Halloween, and all I'd figured out was how to braid my hair really long (more on that later). So I looked in my closet, pulled out my sewing machine, and shortly thereafter, became a pretty princess.

The costume is loosely based on the Tangled costume, but a little bit more grown-up. Read as: I took artistic license and don't like pink. I'm quite pleased with the result!

Photos on this step copyright Mike Maloney.

Step 1: Materials

This costume is quick and easy if you already have the materials. However, you could probably make some substitutions.
You need:
Corset- Mine is a gold, flat-topped variety.
Underdress- should be strapless, floaty, and princessy. I used this one (the dress I wore to senior breakfast forever ago).
Overdress- caution! This dress will never be the same again! I started with this one, from Dharma Trading Co.
Extra hair! I used Afrelle Kanekalon. It comes in a braid. See this page. Get at least three of these. I used five, I think? Maybe six?
Some paint.
blond matches your hair better.<br>ever consider making fake hair long enough to:<br>1) triple triple braid (triple braid 3 triple braids) hair to ankles<br>2) keep doing it back up to your head<br>3) run it through a hairpin<br>4) repeat desired number of times<br>5) let remaining hair down to desired point<br><br>Hashtagmini-instructable.<br><br>alternatively, long enough to use it to rappell down a 2-story building
I posted the triple triple braid mini-instructable (minstructable) in the comments section of the triplexbraid instructable.
I can't figure out why anyone would want it at the former length, though.
Is that your real hear
<p>no it's not her hair if you went to the ridiculously long hair instructable, you would've seen it's fake. </p><p>not trying to be mean just saying </p><p>:)</p>
i lovee this :D
You are a very pretty girl.

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