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Introduction: Survival Altoids

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How to make a quick and easy survival pack for your pocket!

Step 1: What You Need

fishing line
fishing hooks
dmc floss card
masking tape
fishing weight
matches water proofed in wax
lighter (optional)
swatch knife/ small knife

Step 2: What It Should Look Like

this is the finished product of my Altoids tin....

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    What could you cut with a tack? What would you want to hang? And a weapon? Sounds really lethal...

    id add a bigger knife like this 1


    maby one or two taks but not that many lol

    I'd like to have a small amt of info about what each item will be good for, such as tacks?

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     tacks would be for cutting, hanging, weapon, etc...

    hmmm, Ok.  can't picture it,  I guess I've never thought of needing a tack in the wilderness.  

    I cant picture it either, and tacks use up space, dont you have a knife for everything you just mentioned?

    can't imagine using the pins maybe to help hold things together, but not map tacks. anything I would need a "weapon" for would need more than a little prick from a pin. also, duct tape would be more useful than masking tape. it has more strength and will grip better in a wet/moist environment . lastly, you can wrap the outside of the tin with 550 cord which will keep the lid from opening and spilling contents when you least want it to and will give you a great deal of cordage since you can separate the strands of the 550 cord if you need to. you can secure the tin to a knife sheath .... such as a K-bar sheath keep on surviving....

    ha you don't want to spill the useless tacks every wear

    i can see you killing a bear or a bobcat with a tack

    Another great item to add would be a bouillon cube or 2, they are great in situations where you need to turn a bit of water and maybe a couple scrounged pieces of food into a meal as long as you can find a container :D.

    Maybe you can put it on the side, like two straps holding it.

    use the lighter or matches to make smoke

    Here is a thought: Instead if floss, pack a length of genuine 550 (US military grade) paracord. You can find it anywhere on the Internet, and it is crazy cheap. It is small, light, and strong, making it useful as cord. However, there are also seven nylon threads inside that can be removed easily one at a time. Each is strong enough to hold 35 pounds (stronger than most monofilament fishing line) and you can still use the rest of the paracord after removing some of the inner threads. (Even if you remove all seven, the remaining sheath is rated at 350 pounds!) Oh, if there is no room inside your tin for paracord, just wrap a few meters in a single layer on the outside of the tin. Too compact, cheap, easy to find, and useful to be without, and it may replace less versatile cord that you are carrying in your kit now.

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    i had some paracord but i made it all into survival bracelets... great idea tho!!!!

    It must be great to know that even if you perish in the wilderness, your bracelets will survive. Wait; am I missing something?

    haha no......its a survival bracelet because when you are finished you use like 3 or 4 yrds of paracord. its all in one long strand so when you take out the knot and unravel it you have 3-4 yrds of you get what im sayin?