Survival/ Bob/ Bushcraft Bag





Introduction: Survival/ Bob/ Bushcraft Bag

Here is my survival. Please comment. Tell me what to add or take a way. Thanks for the support

Step 1: Front Pouch

Here I have...
-my survival fire kit( I have a ible on it)
-pen wrapped in fishing line
-glow stick
-pen and pencil
-oven bag. Which are tinfoil
-notebook with survival tips

Step 2: Outside

On the outside of this pouch I have....
25 feet of poly cord
10 feet of paracord
Leather gloves

Step 3: Small Front Pouch

I have a climbing carabiner. I keep it open for tinder or stuff I find

Step 4: Middle Pouch

Here I have
Thicker rope
Small thin rope
Medical/ repair kit
Multi tool
Knife kit. I made them from a knife and duct tape

Plus I leave some space for bigger items if I need to pack it at moments notice

Step 5: Main Compartment

Here I have
Food container
Water bottle
Water bottle for cooking
Soup cans for cooking in a hat
Drop cloth
Rape for it.
Fishing kit
Snare wire

Step 6: Back Pouch

A water bladder is suppose to go here but here is what I put
This is for easy access
Since sack backpack
Rain poncho
Pack cover
Blaze orange bandana
Kitchen back up knife

Step 7:

Please comment and help me out. Some of this stuff is cheaply but I am a kid and don't have a ton of money



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    and a survival emergency blanket

    you need some signaling tape a compass more fire starting stuff

    Get a little food I'm working on that to also get lots and pans 20$ 23$ on for a water filter for a 100000 gallons.

    Huntingcody1 is my user name and Cody_shackelton is my name