Step 2: The Lanyard Knot

The lanyard knot is a nice way to spruce up your bracelet, but can easily be replaced with an over hand knot.  First make a small twist in the cord.  Then make a "U" shape beneath the loop.  Take the piece that points left and place it over  the bottom loop, and under the right piece.  Then over, under, and then over again.  Hold the bottom loop down. 
 i was having a lot of trouble with this knot
if anyone needs help, this vid helped me a lot http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faO3rY9G_Ns
tevers94 (author)  thestyrofoampeanut5 years ago
That is actually the vid i learned from, so this is a good addition.
I don't even understand the video
tevers94 (author)  atuttle14 years ago
If you can't get the lanyard knot, then try using a simple over hand knot.
Happyn3ss4 years ago
Just wondering, how far should the knot start from either end of the cord?
tevers94 (author)  Happyn3ss4 years ago
I'm sorry, but I'm not sure what you mean. If you're doing two lanyard knots then just make sure when the first is done the loop is big enough to fit the other lanyard knot through. And be sure to keep both pieces after the knot at equal lengths. If that doesn't answer your question let me know.
Never mind, I managed to figure it out on my own, nice article by the way.
tevers94 (author)  Happyn3ss4 years ago
That's good to here, and thanks. :)
DreadFred5 years ago
I'm not  trying to be a "grammar nazi" but in the first sentence of the intro it says "The lanyard not".  instead of knot.
tevers94 (author)  DreadFred5 years ago
Not any more, thanks
is this in the middle of the cord?
tevers94 (author)  zipzapper8595 years ago
No, but i see the last picture looks looks that.  it is at the end of the bracelet, and the two pieces coming out the end are cut off.
ok thanks that is why it didn't work
tevers94 (author)  zipzapper8595 years ago
no problem, glad to help
I found this video quite helpful in getting this knot right, more so that the other video posted here.
tevers94 (author)  destroyer.jatz5 years ago
Great addition, this helped me learn too. thanks
binkyb5 years ago
Am i right in thinking that this looks like a slight variation on a Garrick Bend?
rhino215 years ago
You could replace with overhand knot, or a figure eight on a bight... Figure eight looks better I think