Step 1: Supplied

You will need, grip tape paracord a clip & a flint from a lighter

Step 2: Making the Bracelet

Mend one side of each color to eachotger

Step 3: Making It Fit

Cut the pieces of paracord to the size of your hand

Step 4:

Put the clip on the ends of the cord

Step 7: Finished With the Bracelet

Step 8: Adding the Flint

Step 9: Putting the Grip Tape On

Step 10: Your Done :D

<p>great pictures just add some worded instructions and it would be aces</p>
<p>Cool idea,however lighter flints will degrade into dust after some time.Granted it may take several years,just thought you may want to keep an eye on it.</p>
<p>Flint is a great idea to add to the traditional paracord bracelet. I love it! </p>

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