Step 3: The Cobra Weave

Lay the inner core of the bracelet on a flat surface or your lap.  The take your long piece and fold itin half evenly, then place that behind the inner core.  Then make an "S" with the piece to the right, top of "S" behind inner core and bottom in front.  Put right end of cord down through bottom loop of "S" then under the center and up through the top loop of the "S".  Pull tight.  Then create a backwards "S" and repeat the steps from the first "S".  Pull tight.  Repeat these processes until there is no space left.  At this point cut the excess cord and melt the ends down.
nhormell3 years ago
this is pretty cool i made one for scouts and everyone thought that i bought it online
basicLaser2 years ago
man these images suck and are not followable thanks for making me cut my cord for no reason. Elaborate or take this instructable down.
tevers94 (author)  basicLaser2 years ago
Sorry my Instructable didn't help, if you'd like more information I'd recommend checking out Stormdrane's blog or youtube channel.  I hope this helps, I am currently in college so I don't have a lot of time on my hands
jmoore333 years ago
could you use any strong string all i have is kite string sewing string twinelike stuff and horse rope
Just go out and get some 550 Paracord man. I got 100 feet at Walmart for less than 10 dollars. It's not expensive and it's useful on just about everything.
pjenkins14 years ago
A little tip for anyone who made hemp bracelets as a child... Its a simple Square knot. Repeated over and over...
Tizaro4 years ago
just got one made
had a little trouble at the start, but eventually got it figured out
now i'm pleased with the result
tevers94 (author)  Tizaro4 years ago
Good work, they look great. Keep it up.
Hmmm, I've done a bit of knot tying, but I'm lost on the first step. What do you mean, "put the right end of the cord through the bottom loop of the S then under the center?" If I do that the left side is not going around anything because the bottom half of the loop AND the free right end are on top. Do you mean, run the right end UNDER the center part and through the bottom loop? I still get nothing like what you have when I do either of these.
Okay, I think the instruction is backwards. Put the LEFT end of the cord through the bottom loop. At least based on the picture I'm looking at.
StanUK5 years ago
Hi, Thanks for sharing this. A couple of questions please. Is it possible to make this with just one bit of cord? I also dont have a lighter so am hoping to use a soldering iron or something similar. If you can advise any other technique that would be really great! Thank You Stan
petrol885 years ago

I'm not daft...ive made tons of paracord utilities...but your directions are lacking depth or detail in these beginning steps.  (for this style) You should show the ends of the cords in the initial layout photos.  It's hard to tell from what you're showing where the long and short ends should be to start with.  Also you say to fold the outer cord in half evenly, then place it behind the inner cord...then its magically an S?  Just saying, it could use some more details.   ;-)

Thanks for having something out here though.  I have been making square paracord lanyard ends and zipper pulls for my MIL gear for ages, but came across these paracord how-to's on instructables, and thought I would try something different.


I made the bracelete following the above instructions but it doesnt look like the bracelete that is shown in the beginning of the instructions even though i used two colors. i just had the color down the inside center of the bracelete, not on the edges like its shown in the pic above. How is that done?



tevers94 (author)  bill goryca5 years ago
The instructional pictures themselves are for a single colored bracelet.  For a multi colored on take to pieces that are about 3 feet long (different colors) then either melt the ends together, or make a square knot.  Then proceed as the instructions say.  Hope this solves the problem.  If not leave another comment.  good luck
Hunter O.5 years ago
How much paracord do you need to do this?