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I recently watched a show about surviving when lost in the arctic, one of the recommended items was a survival candle which can burn for a long time and after looking around at various websites and instructables on making one i settled on making my own design from the masses of tin cans i had lying around

Step 1: Equipment

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For this instructable you will need ;

- Any size can
- Pliers
- scissors
- sharp knife or cutting tool
- cardboard
- wax (enough to fill half the can)
- wick (optional)

Step 2:

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First off you will need to take the inside rim of the can off as shown in the picture

Step 3:

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next cut the can exactly in half

Step 4:

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now you need to crimp the top half as shown in the pic

Step 5:

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then the top should simply slide into the bottom half of the can

Step 6:

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next cut up your cardboard into strips the same length as the bottom half

Step 7:

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next wrap them into a circle and insert them into the can

Step 8:

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now melt the wax and pour it in

now leave for it to cool down

Step 9: Fire

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now your ready to light

this candle in particular burnt for 3 hours in light rain without going out


thehbird (author)2014-03-11

sexy candle

lil_wayne_69 (author)2013-04-29

I just finished making one and it worked great. Very neat project.

jonipinkney (author)2012-11-18

Nice variation on a good ol fashioned buddy burner. You can also cook on this, if you rig up a pot stand or grill. Burns nice and hot for a long time. When I was a kid in the scouts we made something like this and cooked on it in camp. One caution though: sometimes this type of burner smokes, a lot! So best to use outdoors or in a well ventilated area, not in your tent or home.

superdave5481 (author)2012-11-16

Most excellent. t looks like you could light, heat and cook on it!

Mr.1911 (author)2012-04-18

That's really neat! Good job.

Biggsy (author)2012-03-14

I think you need some more pictures on this instructable... i know the type of thing you're building and to be honest (and i mean you no disrespect) it needs pictures, and perhaps more than three steps... If you could improve this you would have an instructable people could follow more clearly

If you would like any help let me know :)

On The 3dge (author)Biggsy2012-03-17

there you go, i would like your feed back on this one

Biggsy (author)On The 3dge2012-03-18

That's alot better welldone :)

On The 3dge (author)Biggsy2012-03-15

yh thanks i havn't finnished uploading all of them yet so it shall be done soon

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