Introduction: Altoids Survival Candle

Step 1: Making the Candle Mold

What you'll need:
- Egg Carton
- Pens or pencils (something to use for a mold)
- Water
- Blender

Step 2: Rip the Egg Carton Into Shreds

Step 3: Place Shreds Into Blend

Step 4: Add Water and Blend

Blend until the egg carton is pretty fine and mushy. It should resemble a paste. If it's too chunky, it won't mold very easily.

Step 5: Make the Mold

Wrap the wet egg carton around the pen or pencil and squeeze out as much water as possible.

Step 6: Lay Out to Dry

Lay the wet molds out to dry. This may take a couple of days depending on where you live. It happens to be summer here so I put them outside for a day. A hair dryer would work to speed up the process as well.

Step 7: Make the Wicks

What you'll need;
- Matches
- Wax (old birthday candle, parrafin, crayon pieces, etc.)
- Wick (string, twine)
- Salt
- Tin Foil (for easy cleanup)

Step 8: Melt the Wax

Drip melted wax over the wicks. Sprinkle salt over the hot wax (apparently the salt will allow the wick to burn longer, can someone confirm)???

Step 9: Finished Wicks

Straighten wicks out as straight as possible.

Step 10: Finished Wicks & Molds

Remove the dried mold from the pen or pencil. Be careful not to damage the molds.

Step 11: Place Wicks Inside of Molds

Step 12: Make the Candles

What you'll need;
- Tinder (dryer lint, sawdust, rubber, dry grass clippings, etc.)
- Matches
- Wax (old birthday candles, parrafin, crayon pieces)
- Tin Foil (for easy cleanup)
- Empty Candle Mold (from previous step)

Step 13: Fill Mold and Melt Wax

Fill the molds with tinder. I found it easier to cut the molds open. If you have a suggestion on how to easily fill the mold without cutting it open, please comment below.

Melt the wax (in a pot, microwave, or using a flame).

Drip the wax into the candle mold and try to center the wick.

Squish the mold and melted wax so it resembles a candle.

Step 14: Dried Candle Mold

It's ugly. I know.

Step 15: Finished Survival Candles

They aren't pretty, but pretty isn't what we're going for.

Cut the candles in half so they will fit in your Altoids tin.

...and yes I do realize that they look like tampons lol

I would like to see your survival candles. Please post pictures below. Tell me what worked and what didn't. I filled my candles with lint, sawdust and rubber. I also used twine and cotton wicks.

Step 16: Action Shot

The twine wicks definitely work better than the string wicks. I didn't time this but it burnt for at least five mins. This fire had a really good flame going before my candle died out.


gacripefamily (author)2015-11-15

Although there is nothing wrong with this idea why not go to the dollar store and buy several boxes of crayons. When lit they burn just like a candle. Easy to pack in a move out kit, water proof and light to carry. Just an idea.

incensedpanther (author)2015-09-09

This is to lengthy a process for the end result. Take thin corrugated cardboard, cut into a lengthy strip the height of your altoids tin. Roll the cardboard into a spiral and put it in your tin. It should unroll and fill to fill the tin. Pour melted wax over the top leaving a slight edge of the cardboard exposed. Let harden. When your ready to burn your candle light a corner of the cardboard.

gareauk (author)incensedpanther2015-09-09

I will have to try this. Any idea how long it will burn for?

incensedpanther (author)gareauk2015-09-10

several hours. Altoids tin at least 4 or 5 continously hours

jw2583 (author)2015-09-07

Not trying to be too critical here but seems like survival candles would not be able to include a blender?? another way for making "Survival" candles is to render down animal tallow, pour into mold made out of clay or anything you can find for a mold in your environment, place the wick in the mold and pour in the liquid tallow, wait for it to harder and voila. Candle

2012Viking (author)jw25832015-09-10

I think by "Survival" candle he is referring to making now for using in a survival situation, not making them during a survival situation. So I think the use of a blender for his recipe is fine. But if you are wanting to make a candle during a survival situation then yes a blender would most likely not be an option and your suggestions might be better.

gareauk (author)2012Viking2015-09-10

Yes, you are correct. These candles are meant to be made ahead of time and not during a survival situation.

2012Viking (author)2015-09-10

You asked for ideas on how to get the wax into your molds without cutting them open. Could you melt the wax in a pot and place the molds into the melted wax until it completely soaks in and fills the cavity inside, then remove from the melted wax?

gareauk (author)2012Viking2015-09-10

Possibly. The entire mold would be covered in wax, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I'll have to try it out and see what happens.

TomV4 (author)2015-09-07

I have found that simply dipping a piece of the egg carton in a pot of melted wax makes an effective fire starter. They light easily and are not fragile. Make a bunch of these at once.

gareauk (author)TomV42015-09-07

I will give this a try :)

loony1 (author)2015-09-06

Nice use of egg cartons; they do tend to burn quite nicely.

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