Introduction: Survival Chapstick Candle

Picture of Survival Chapstick Candle

Step 1: Get the Items

Picture of Get the Items

Chapstick (any kind)
Cotton swab
Lighter or match

Step 2: Cut the Cotton Swab

Picture of Cut the Cotton Swab

Cut the swab until you have an inch of cotton and the stick

Step 3: Make a Wick and Grease It Up!

Picture of Make a Wick and Grease It Up!

Get your fingers, stretch the cotton, make a wick resembling a wick of a candle, and grease the whole wick until it has a good amount of the Chapstick all over it

Step 4: Shove It in the Middle of the Chapstick

Picture of Shove It in the Middle of the Chapstick

Get the swab and stick it into the Chapstick in the middle until your left with about a centimeter of cotton

Step 5: Light It Up!

Picture of Light It Up!


bmxmiles made it! (author)2016-10-25

This was a fun and easy project, creating another product I can place in my survival pack!

GoSouthKorea (author)2014-07-07

I think by adding more Chapstick on the cotton, the candle will last longer. You should test it out and tell me what happens!

dunesky (author)2014-07-03

What would happen if I covered the whole cotton swab with other bits of cotton and then slathered it with the chap stick? Or how would I make my candle last longer?

dunesky (author)2014-07-02

Works great! Love it.

GoSouthKorea (author)2014-07-01

Great tip! Thanks jmwells!

jmwells (author)2014-07-01

If you use a piece of multi strand cotton twine it smokes less. It burns more stick than wick.

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