Introduction: Survival Fish Hook

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''You have nothing to eat and no way to catch food, all of a sudden you spot......A CAN! You're saved!''

Hopefully you know how to make a fish hook to catch those tasty morsels! If not, follow these instructions to ultimate eats.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

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1. A can tab.

2. Sharp scissors

Step 2: Cut #1

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1. Cut on mark number 1

Step 3: Cut #2

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1. Cut on mark number 2 and the little part should fall away

Step 4: Angles, Angles

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The steeper the angle the sharper the hook. Catch a fish with this, and then cook it on a soda can stove! (check out my other instructable)

Happy fishing!


ronanry (author)2017-08-16

In my opinion, you should not cut the "u shaped" part ... it make a pretty good hook with a "spine" if you keep it

Mark 2 should be next to mark1 to keep this pointy part

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