Survival Fishing Kit

Step 1: Fishing Line

30 feet of fishing line on the outside of the medicine bottle

Step 2: Inside the Bottle

-2 Hooks

-1 bobber

-1 fly

-1 fake mino bait

-2 weights

Step 3: Enjoy :)

Enjoy your new "Survival Fishing Kit".
I would add swivels
Flip! It's small! Not bad for a quicky though!
<p>That is a very smart idea &quot;jmwells&quot; but the thing is the reason why is because I use the pill container as a make shift reel, to reel the line in. Also I just got bored on a morning of a snow day so I made it really quickly, not thinking it through as much as I should.</p>
I like that idea about the bobber pill boytlr
Ok, dumb question. Why add a bobber? Why not just use the bottle? That way you can add more stuff. Like a sandwich bag to hold the stuff while you fish. Colored streamer for a lure. Gum to chew while you wait for that first bite.

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