Picture of Survival Food
Here is some food you can put in your BOB survival bag or for camping that has a long shelf life. It is much cheaper that mre"s.
romain noodles.
Cliff bars.
I know this i short put no one has posted for a while.
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valeas7 months ago

Nice quick post!

I have studied survival and (specifically) survival food choices, all over the world, from the Sherpa of Nepal to the Navajo Indians of the American Southwest. Every single time, the decision on what to pack comes down to high calorie, high protein, easy to eat on the go food that requires almost zero preparation.

The Sherpa, for example use the simple Snickers bar as their go-to food item when packing for a trek up the Himalayas. I've watched them walk into a store and buy 2, 3, 4, or more CASES to pack up. They'll eat 20 a day to keep their energy up. Protein, high calorie, easy to eat. Food for thought (HAH!).

I personally LOVE Clif Bars. I wait for them to go on sale then buy CASES of them. I toss them in all my bags, so I've always got a hearty emergency snack with me. They're tastier than most other health bars, and offer a more balanced nutrition table.

As far as rice goes, it's not really a good choice for a survival food, mostly because it must be cooked WELL and PROPERLY before it can be consumed.


Rkaynjehll10 months ago

here's the reason I like MREs. Have you ever looked on the back of a meal on an MRE? Thousands of calories. Loads of everything your body needs. Which could benefit you or hurt you depending on whether you're doing enough activities out in the bush to burn all those calories off. Outmeal and rice simply won't give you enough nutrients. I would have to eat like 5 cliff bars to make it through a hunting trip. Candy can be useful if you're doing it right. It's the sugars you're looking for. Do some research on proteins/carbs/acids/fats and you'll learn a lot about why I disagree with a few of your choices. You ARE thinking tho. So good job man. Keep it up

behindblueyez10 months ago
A good addition to this list would be dried fruit and nuts. Walgreens has a good selection of dried fruits, nuts, and trail mixes in their "Nice" brand line. They are affordable and pretty tasty. :)
Mattakers11 months ago
Good! Did you include the flavoring with the noodles? I would add about 3 more.