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This is a Survival Guide to Airsoft meant to aid the beginner into the Airsoft community. Here will be step by step instructions to turn a beginner into a well-educated expert.  

Step 1: Getting Informed

Getting Informed: By this I mean that you should find out about Airsoft via Internet or friends that have previously gone Airsofting. Ask them questions about the event. I recomend that you go airsofting once with a rental gun or borrowing your friend's gun to see if  airsofting is right for you. From there, you will decide if you will or will not become apart of the Airsoft community.
<p>Hey instead of committing on everything why don't you shut up for a bit OK</p>
<p>For a beginner, you only need goggles and gloves. (goggles is obvious, however gloves are probably the second most important piece because there is a really good chance of getting hit in the hand, especially where those veins are and it may cause severe damage if it hits in the right spot. For body armor, you can wear a sweater or a long sleeve shirt. I have been playing for about 4 years and the only gear I have is a full seal face mask and gloves. I don't even use a vest, and In reality, all those &quot;mil-sim&quot; kids just spend hundreds of dollars on equipment so they can look like real soldiers lol</p>
<p>https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-be-a-Real-Deal-airsoft-sniper/ if you liked this be sure to check out my guide to airsoft sniping;)</p>
Ths is really good #luvit
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