Basic survival kit but for free! I got the idea from youtube and survival sites .

Step 1: Container

I got this from my mom because she ordered something for my dad and that's what It came in

Step 2: Cutting Tools

A basic knife and small exacto knife blade .

Step 3: Plastic Bags

Step 4: Fire Starting

Magnesium striker

Step 5: Fishing Supplies

Gum and bobby pins

Step 6: Cordage

Thread , rope , zip ties, duct tape

Step 7: Medical

Bandaid , Advil and , salt

Step 8: Misc.

Whistle , tin foil , strainer , paper clip
This a great kit, but I think it needs water purification tablets and an alternative fire starter. You should also make more because you are good at it. Great job again.
The gum is a simple bait but I don't know if it will work .
Could you explain the purpose of gum in a fishing kit?
Good job! An idea add a sewing kit for medical or something.
throw in some paracord.... its uses are many... take to bits, and use as fishing line, as cordage to make a shelter. Garrotte. <br>Chuck in a small bandage, then you'll have some cotton wool, for fire and wounds. Bandage can be used as tourniquet, arm sling, head band, and so on. <br>Throw some water purification tablets in.. and the kits a winner buddy.. nice one

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