I am making a survival kit and here are suggestions of what to put in it. These are the main stuff to survival but I will keep editing to add more stuff and ideas that you will need.

Step 1: Finding a Box

I am using an old pencil case for all I the supplies.
<p>Regularly check the state of charge of your solar flashlight. </p>
<p>I have also made a survival kit.Check out mine</p>
<p>Might add some kind of ferro rod or magnesium bar as a back up in case your lighter gets wet.</p>
I like the waterproof pelican box, that ones not to sturdy looks like it would break easily
I would also switch out the lighter for a ferrocium rod, they make many more fires than a lighter.
I think some tin foil would be a good addition
You have ways to get water, but no way to purify it. A life straw would be a good addition.
<p>In order to get water in that way you need to put a large trash bag around a big branch and you'll get about half cup to a cup in one night. You need about 6 time as much every day...</p>
Dude I've got the same knife as you, but it's purple

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