Survival Kit





Introduction: Survival Kit

My survival kit (sorry for being really crappy)

Step 1: The Kit

The kit itself features a lot of items not to last you 5 years on a deserted island, but maybe a couple of months in the woods.

Step 2: Enjoy :)



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you'r going to need a lot more than a red rider

thanks for all the comments and suggestions guys!!!! i will make an upgraded survival kit soon

I like the comment DersStu left about a sling shot, if set up right you can also shoot arrows with a sling shot. Also it looks like you have a snake bite kit, don't use those cheap versions they can actually push venom deeper into tissue. If you carry a snake bite kit get a Sawyer Products B4 Extractor.

i think your survival kit looks great but I think if your trying to last longer in the wood u may want to upgrade to the pumpmaster760 its an 12 pump pellet/bb gun and its about the same size of the daisy buck bb gun and may want to put and first aid kit in your pack but I like what you was doing there

I think if you switched out the BB gun for a good slingshot your kit would be more compact and you would have more options in what you can go after for game

A slingshot needs more practice though. If one had skill at shooting a slingshot it would be better than the peashooter of a daisy, also known as a buck. This model only shoots BBs. A pellet gun or a slingshot would be far better.

true enough, but you should practice with the items in the kit until they are second nature to you, also with some simple modifications a slingshot can be made to fire arrows as well as everything else

true the arrows aren't very indispensable though. Carrying around a bunch of arrows doesn't sound too ideal. I guess it depends on the game in the area and one's preference. I know that there are pellets and pellet guns meant for larger animals.

you could take the small bb gun and put it in a pack. then you could pack more.